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Nur Ain binti Rosli Ahmad Abdullah


PHOTO-2020-05-24-20-08-34 (2) - Nur Ain Rosli Ahmad Abdullah_edited.png

Brought up in a family of medicine personnels, I am always inspired by my late

mother who dedicated her whole life as an Oncology Nurse. I graduated from a

local university with Bachelor Degree of Pharmacy (Hons).


Having a competitive character since small, I am always searching for challenges in clinical management. I am a very dedicated and aspiring Oncology Pharmacist that also have a credentialing in Parenteral Nutrition in Malaysia for more than 8 years.

I am also actively involved in Oncology and Parenteral Nutrition studies.


I am the Chairperson of MOH Selangor Oncology & Parenteral Nutrition for 4 consecutive years. I am hoping to further more in the future especially in oncology patient care.

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