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Dr Mastura Md Yusof

Clinical Oncologist

Screenshot 2023-04-11 075210.jpg

Dr Mastura Md. Yusof is the Head of Oncology Services at Pantai Hospital Kuala

Lumpur (PHKL) and a Consultant Clinical Oncologist at SJMC. She leads the

PHKL research unit, conducting over 30 innovative clinical trials in various tumour

sites and has authored many peer-reviewed publications.

She is an honorary lecturer at University Malaya, the secretary of MOS and Vice

President for the College of Radiology, Academy of Medicine.

She sits in the Scientific Committee for breast cancer for the upcoming ESMO

Asia 2023 while continue to actively speaks or participate in both local and

international cancer congresses, guideline expert panel meetings and advisory

boards for cancer.

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