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Dr. Eznal Izwadi Mohd Mahidin

Clinical Oncologist


Dr Eznal Izwadi Mohd Mahidin, graduated with MD from UPM, in 2007. He served the first 3 years of his career in Kelantan, mainly in Hopital Raja Perempuan Zainab II, before moving to Kuala Lumpur and joining Radiotherapy and Oncology Dept HKL in 2010.

He obtained his Masters in Clinical Oncology from University Malaya in 2016 and

currently a Clinical Oncologist at the Radiotherapy and Oncology Department in

Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

His areas of interest are in breast, head and neck radiation, gynaecological and

lung malignancies. He is involved in several clinical trials of various tumour sites and also part of the group developing the Malaysian CPG for the Management of

Breast Cancer, 3rd Edition.


He has been appointed as one of the trainer in the Master in Clinical Oncology

programme, University Malaya.

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