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Loong Ly Sia



Miss Loong is a senior pharmacist serving at UKM Medical Centre with 15 years of work experience as an inpatient pharmacist, clinical pharmacist to general medical units and currently to the hematology and bone marrow transplant units. She graduated with a Degree in Pharmacy (Hons) from University of Strathcylde (Glasgow) and later obtained a Masters in Clinical Pharmacy and Practice Policy (Distinction) from University College of London (UK) under a Commonwealth Scholarship. Her current work includes overseeing medication safety activities, monitoring of drug therapy, providing clinical drug information, patient education, developing protocols and policies. She also works as clinical tutor and sessional lecturer in UKM and other universities. She is also a member of Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society, American College of Clinical Pharmacy and also has been a speaker in various local and national symposiums.

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